New Space – Smaller, Faster, Cheaper

Cislunar Market Opportunities Report

This is the second in a series of articles about the on-going disruption in the space sector. The first article introduced the idea that the initial wave of disruption has settled to some extent and the sector is now in a period of adaptation and fragmentation as all of the players, old and new, look for ways to survive and thrive in a market that has …

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Toronto Startup Magnestar Tackles Orbital Signal Interference and Wins Praise

Jacqueline Good participates in the Spacebound 2022 conference panel on Growing The Canadian Space Sector: A Look At Financing & Investment

Over time, more and more attention has been paid to the issue of satellite and spacecraft collisions in low Earth orbit (LEO). Magnestar, a new company in Toronto is looking to address an underappreciated potential problem for increasingly crowded satellite constellations: space-to-ground signal bandwidth. This page is for subscribers only. Already a subscriber? Log in. Fact-driven space news, columns, business, policy, technology and more. Support …

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