Artemis 1 Mission


This Week in Space for Canada – September 11

Given that the Canadian Space Agency President Steve MacLean and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Jr. have recently signed an agreement on “Civil Space Cooperation” it might be worthwhile for Canadian’s to do some research to update our communal sense of who we’ve decided to maintain cooperation with.

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Chandra Watches Black Hole Pump Iron

This composite image of the Hydra A galaxy cluster shows 10-million- degree gas observed by Chandra in blue and jets of radio emission observed by the Very Large Array in pink. Optical data from the Canada- France-Hawaii telescope and the Digitized Sky Survey shows galaxies in the cluster.

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Women in Aerospace Announces 2009 Award Recipients

Women in Aerospace (WIA) is proud to announce the winners of its 24th Annual Women in Aerospace Awards. WIA will honor seven outstanding women for their contributions to the advancement of women in the aerospace industry at a reception and dinner to be held on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

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