Aurora Borealis Over Canada

Amazing video of a night pass by the International Space Station (ISS) over Canada. Visible are the cities of Vancouver and Seattle, the Rocky Mountains and the aurora borealis (or northern lights). The images were taken on February 4. The snowy Canadian landscape was lit by a near Full Moon. Look for the Manicougan Crater in Quebec near the end of the video. This and …

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Earth from Space: Historical View of West Africa

Earth from Space is presented by Kelsea Brennan-Wessels from the ESA Web-TV virtual studios. In the thirteenth edition we look at an image of West Africa’s coast along the Atlantic Ocean, pictured in the first image from Envisat’s MERIS instrument nearly a decade ago.

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Canada Commits to the International Space Station Beyond 2015

International Space Station

The government announced today that Canada intends to renew its commitment to the International Space Station(ISS) beyond 2015. Minister of Industry Christian Paradis made the announcement in Quebec City where the ISS Heads of Agency meeting is currently taking place. The news was expected but it took some time for Canada to commit, making it the last of the other participating nations to do so.

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Canadian Space Agency Budget Estimates Before Budget Cuts Released

According to Treasury Board of Canada Main Estimates for 2012-13 released yesterday the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is estimated to see its budget reduced from $424.6 million from 2011-12 to $363.2 million representing a 16.9% decrease in its budget. The CSA budget was already scheduled to be reduced to $371.1 million, a decrease of 14.4% according to the CSA Report on Plans and Priorities 2011-12 …

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CSA President MacLean Makes the Case for Canada in Space (Part 4)

Commercial Satellites So, now another metric on this that we are doing well, in that we are a country that drives innovation with our programmatic spending, is the fact that on four out of five commercial satellites in the world, there are Canadian components. And that is probably one of the best metrics that we can give about our success and about how we are …

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CSA President MacLean Makes the Case for Canada in Space (Part 3)

The International Space Station Now speaking of importance, let’s look at ISS, the International Space Station. You know this is – perhaps the most important aspect of the ISS is the fact that 18 countries can work together on something that is so amazing. It’s the most complex international project that has ever been conceived of and executed and it involved Canada, Russia, US and …

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