Artemis 1 Mission


Unraveling the Universe – 8th Annual Expanding Canada's Frontier Symposium

Tonight the Astronomy & Space Exploration Society at the University of Toronto is hosting the 8th annual “Expanding Canada’s Frontiers” symposium. It is billed as the largest astronomy symposium in the country. The event starts 7 p.m. at the University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall and doors open at 6 p.m. This years theme is “Unraveling the Universe” and features several prominent Canadian researchers.

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Remembering Apollo 1, Shuttles Challenger and Columbia's Crews

Each January NASA holds a day of remembrance to honor the crews of Apollo 1, space shuttles Challenger and Columbia who lost their lives in pursuit of not only their personal passions but the goals of a planet, for we are a species that is curious and are compelled to explore and space exploration is compelling. This year as we remember the fallen astronauts it …

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MSCI Making Pitch for Telecom Financing

The recent announcement by Microsat Systems Canada (MSCI) CEO David Cooper that his company is “launching a new initiative” to build a constellation of 78 small, relatively low-flying satellites designed to relieve internet and smart phone congestion and provide broadband access in rural locations, highlights the differences between small space focused Canadian firms and their larger commercial satellite and internet service provider cousins.

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This Week in Space for Canada

Mississauga-based Microsat Systems Canada (MSCI) announces it’s building a massive (perhaps too good to be true) constellation of 78 small, relatively low-flying satellites designed to relieve network smart phone congestion. Macdonald Dettwiler (MDA) will be “exercising an option” for additional work on the Orbital Sciences Corporation (Orbital) developed Cygnus cargo spacecraft and even ComDev International gets a new military contract from the US government. All …

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