Iain Christie

Founder and CEO at SideKickSixtyFive Consulting and host of the Terranauts podcast. Iain is a seasoned business executive with deep understanding of the space business and government procurement policy. Iain worked for 22 years at Neptec including as CEO. He was a VP at the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, is a mentor at the Creative Destruction Lab and a visiting professor at the University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management.

The Founder’s Journey – Part 2 of An Entrepreneurial Space Series

The Founder's Journey - An Entrepreneurial Space Series

This is the second installment of this series on the "New Space" economy.  In this article we are going to talk about the central player and (usually) the hero of the piece, The Founder. This page is for subscribers only. Already a subscriber? Log in. Fact-driven space news, columns, business, policy, technology and more. Support independent journalism. SUBSCRIBE TODAY

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An Introduction to Entrepreneurial Space

Entrepreneur space series

A few years ago, or a lifetime ago in COVID years, I wrote an article for SpaceQ discussing the difference between "New" Space and "Old" Space in which I argued that they really weren't different ways of addressing a single space market. I argued instead that they were actually different business models that happened to share space as the medium through which services were delivered …

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Terranauts Season 3 Wrap Up

Terranuats podcast

Well Terranauts listeners, that is, in fact, going to be a wrap for season 3 of Terranauts. We will have to pick up the story of the Gemini program after the summer break. Never fear, over the summer we will be posting some of our favourite episodes from the past three seasons of Terranauts for your continued listening enjoyment.

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Gemini Powers Up

Astronaut Ed White floats in the microgravity of space outside the Gemini IV spacecraft. Behind him is the brilliant blue Earth and its white cloud cover. White is wearing a specially-designed space suit. The visor of the helmet is gold plated to protect him against the unfiltered rays of the sun. In his left hand is a Hand-Held Self-Maneuvering Unit with which he controls his movements in space.

In this episode of the Terranauts podcast we continue the story of the Gemini program, and finally, NASA is ready to move forward with the programs mission.

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