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Andrew Godefroy

Andrew Godefroy
Andrew B. Godefroy is a Canadian space historian and author of ‘Defence & Discovery: Canada’s Military Space Program, 1945-74’ (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2011) and ‘The Canadian Space Program: From Black Brant to the International Space Station’ (New York: Springer Books, 2017). He is currently researching a biography of Dr. John Herbert Chapman, Canada’s space pioneer for whom the current CSA HQ was named after. He can be reached at andrew.godefroy@mac.com.

Opinion: Towards a History of the Canadian Space Program

Sam Ayre and Harry Kowalik working on the Alouette 1 mockup spacecraft.

The year 2017 marks the sixtieth anniversary of the space age and no doubt the major spacefaring countries of the world will mark this occasion, but it is unlikely that Canada will be among them. For some strange reason, despite its direct involvement in the exploration and exploitation of outer space since the very dawn of the space age, Ottawa seems to have forgotten how …

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