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From the X Prize to Mining Asteroids: An Interview With Peter Diamandis – Space Quarterly Magazine Archive

Peter Diamandis

This past week the X Prize Foundation announced it had resurrected the Lunar X Prize. This announcement was unprecedented in the X Prize Foundation history. Combined with the increasing interest in asteroid mining we thought it useful to present this interview by Eva-Jane Lark with X Prize Foundation founder Peter Diamandis which first appeared in Space Quarterly Magazine in June 2012.

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Yuri's Night to be Celebrated Across Canada

The Yuri’s Night celebration on April 12 will be marked at several places across Canada. This annual “World Space Party” is growing in popularity. Yuri’s Night is a celebration of humanity’s achievements in space, with hundreds of parties and events held around the world each April.

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Canadian Space Summit Takes Shape

The Canadian Space Summit is being held in Ottawa between November 19th through the 20th. It is an annual gathering of industry, academia, government, non-profit organizations, students and enthusiasts. This year’s theme is “2010: A Canadian Space Odyssey”. With over 35 speakers, an exhibit area and a free Friday night public discussion titled “Meet Canada’s Space Industry” hosted by the CBC’s Johanna Wagstaffe, it’s sure …

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