Video of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick From Space

This recent video from the International Space Station shows a night time trip over the United States, Southern Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.

Large cities around the Great Lakes such as Chicago, Detroit and Toronto (and the Greater Toronto Area) are clearly seen as are the cities of Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.
Smaller cities are easily seen north of Toronto, such as Orangeville, Shelburne, Durham, Hanover and Walkerton and even smaller towns are visible.
The video is a collection of still pictures made as the International Space Station passed overhead just after midnight on January 30, 2012. Each exposure last several seconds to record the faint lights of civilization on the ground.
In the distance on the horizon the northern lights or aurora borealis is visible.
More videos from the ISS can be found here.

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Randy Attwood
Amateur astronomer, astrophotographer, space exploration historian. Executive Director, The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada / Publisher - SkyNews magazine.

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