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The Prime Minister Visits Facility Housing Canada’s Billion Dollar Satellite Constellation

Prime Minister Trudeau at MDA

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the third Canadian leader since the flagship billion dollar RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) was approved in 2004. This past week on a visit to Montreal, he stopped by MDA’s facility to see the satellites and take a tour of where some of Canada’s innovation in space products takes place.

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Bill Nye Takes Not so Subtle Poke at Government Support of the Space Program

Bill Nye The Science Guy, who is the CEO of the Planetary Society pictured with Prime Minister Trudeau

It was meant to be an armchair discussion with Bill Nye “The Science Guy” on budget investments in Canadian innovation, particularly science. However, while mainstream media picked up on the political query related to the Kinder Morgan pipeline program at the end of the session, what they didn’t pick up on was the not-so-subtle poke Nye made about the space program.

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