Space Regulatory Roundtable

Space Regulatory Roundtable
Ottawa - Sep. 12, 2019



SpaceQ Intel, a new division of SpaceQ, is bringing the space community together for a one day forum to discuss the space regulatory environment in Canada and the potential for regulatory reform during the next government mandate.

The objectives of the forum will be to:

  • Foster a common understanding of the current status of space regulation in Canada;
  • To arrive at an understanding of the extent of the consensus in the space community regarding reform that is required; and
  • To understand the nature and extent of any difference of opinion that exists in the community regarding the direction and scope that regulatory reform should take.
Venue: Richcraft Hall at Carleton University.

The event will be moderated by Iain Christie – formerly CEO of Neptec Design Group and until recently EVP of AIAC.

This will be a small event, perhaps 35-50 people. This is an opportunity for industry and academia to share their viewpoints. Government representatives from ISED, CSA, GAC, Transport, and DND will be present and possibly other departments. The event will follow Chatham house rules.

Pre-registration is required by September 9 and must be online only. There will be NO registration at the door.

Early Registration

Available through August 31, 2019.
$ 225
  • Register early and save.
  • Refreshments & hot and cold buffet lunch included.

Regular Registration

Available from September 1, 2019.​
$ 275
  • Refreshments & hot and cold buffet lunch included.
  • Only overflow seating of 10 seats are available behind the table


Subject to change.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

  • Check-in and Badge Pick-up 8:00 AM

    Enjoy coffee and tea.

  • Opening remarks 8:45 AM
  • Canadian Regulatory Landscape 9:00 AM

    Speaker: Aram Daniel Kerkonian, Ardaker Space Consultants, co-author of the Independent Review of the Remote Sensing Space Systems Act.

  • International Regulatory Landscape 9:30 AM

    Speaker: Charity Weeden, Vice President, Global Space Policy, Astroscale U.S. Inc.

  • Morning break 10:00 AM

    Coffee, tea and snacks included.

  • Government Regulatory Perspective 10:15 AM

    Speakers: Denis Bourque (ISED), Jason Wood (CSA), Patrick Juneau (TC), Caroline Kennedy (ISED), Michel Doyon (GAC).

  • Industry Viewpoint - Moderated Session 1 11:00 AM

    A discussion of the industry viewpoint of the current Canadian regulatory environment. Industry participants are encouraged to be prepared to discuss the ways in which the current environment impairs their ability to compete or grow their business and the potential impact of reform on their business.

  • Lunch 12:00 PM

    Hot and cold buffet lunch included.

  • What, When and By Whom? Setting Priorities - Moderated Session 2 1:00 PM

    Based on the morning sessions all participants will contribute to a discussion of regulatory reform priorities and mechanisms for achieving them in the near and mid-term.

  • The Art of The Possible - Moderated Session 3 2:00 PM

    Inserting reform into the next government's agenda. Based on the results of session 2, the table will discuss the prospects for addressing regulatory priorities in the next government mandate - and strategies for engaging with the new government on the topic of regulatory reform.

  • Afternoon Break 3:00 PM

    Coffee, tea and snacks included.

  • What Now? Making a Forward Plan - Moderated Session 4 3:30 PM

    The day will wrap up with a discussion of how to move forward and how the community wants to continue to collaborate to address the priorities and agenda discussed earlier.

  • Closing Remarks 4:30 PM

Local support provided by the
Satellite Canada Innovation Network Inc. (SatCan)