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March 1, 2018 – It’s been just over a year since we started SpaceQ. We’ve accomplished a lot in that time including publishing over 200 original articles, launching our successful podcast and creating our unique Short Cuts newsletter which is widely read across the country and internationally.

Recently at the Canadian SmallSat Symposium, we told the participants that they we would be providing you, our readers, a way to support us, voluntarily, if you like what we do, and want to see us keep doing it.

SpaceQ like other media outlets needs the support of its audience so that is can provide news and analysis every day on our website, our podcast and this newsletter.

Media companies rely on advertising, subscriptions, and sometimes other revenue generating streams.

At SpaceQ we’ve just started with advertising. And we really appreciate our initial advertisers like MDA and Penguin Books. But in 2018, frankly, advertising doesn’t pay all the bills.

We believe that SpaceQ fills a need in Canada that no one else is doing. That is, covering the space sector on a full time basis.

We could put up a paywall. But that would defeat one of our main objectives. And that is provide open access and to grow our reach in Canada, and globally, so that people come to understand the value and importance the space sector has on their daily lives.

“I would highly recommend the SpaceQ Short Cuts Newsletter to my fellow members of academia, whether expert researcher, interested student, or administrator – it is the Number One source for all the latest space-related news. Now more than ever this is what we need to stay on top of the fast-moving space landscape!”

Dr. Chris Herd, Professor and Director
Institute for Space Science, Exploration and Technology
University of Alberta

“SpaceQ Short Cuts provides the most concise delivery of the most important daily news items in the space industry. No news organization is better at diving deep into the Canadian ecosystem while at the same time casting such a wide net globally. It’s filling a very important gap in industry coverage.”

James Slifierz, CEO

So we won’t put up a paywall.

Instead we’re asking you to become patrons of SpaceQ. If you like what we do, we ask you to visit and support us by selecting one of the monthly support levels.

We’ve set some target goals on our patreon page. That includes raising enough funds to hire freelance writers more often and eventually hire two to three full time reporters and a webmaster.

For the last year I’ve not drawn a salary from SpaceQ. And what advertising support we’ve had to date, has gone to pay our monthly expenses and to our writers. While you can contribute at any time, we will be campaigning throughout the month of March.

I hope you see the value in what we do, and support us.

Marc Boucher, Founder

Marc Boucher moderating a panel at the Canadian Space Summit.
Canadian Space Summit 2019