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Is Canadian Sovereignty at Risk by a Lack of an Indigenous Satellite Launch Capability?

Canada has no indigenously satellite launch capability and until the last decade it wasn’t even an issue people within the industry contemplated too seriously. However global security events such as 9/11, arctic sovereignty, earth observation needs have all increased Canada’s need and reliance on satellites. So does Canada need an indigenous satellite launch capability? It’s a question worth exploring as we consider whether Canadian sovereignty …

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This Week in Space for Canada

Mutually assured exclusion (MAE) certainly seems less crazy than mutually assured destruction (MAD) as a space war doctrine, but both could end up poking eyes out and four papers (three space focused) are retracted amid charges of “self-plagiarism” and “bogus authorship” at Queens University plus launch companies beg NASA to “save the space planes.” All that and more, this week in space for Canada.

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