Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge Prize Winner Guaranteed

This past weekend Armadillo Aerospace assured itself a share of the level two Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge (NGLLC) Prize money by successfully doing two 180-second rocket powered flights within two hour and fifteen minute time period, as well as using a simulated lunar surface as a landing pad.

Other teams still competing for prize money include Masten Space Systems and Unreasonable Rocket.
According to the NGLLC blog:
“Armadillo’s success means that we are guaranteed to give out at least the $1 million Level Two, First Place prize this year. We still have several other teams signed up to compete for additional prize money. With successful attempts, they could claim the Level One, Second Place Prize ($150,000); the Level Two, Second Place Prize ($500,000); or even tie or surpass Armadillo in the running for Level Two, First Place Prize ($1,000,000).”
Masten Space Systems will attempt to claim purses in both levels from Mojave, CA, on September 15-16 (Level One), October 7-8 (Level Two), and October 28-29 (Level Two).
Unreasonable Rocket will attempt to claim purses in both levels from Cantil, CA, on Oct 30-31.

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Marc Boucher
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    This is too cool, private enterprise trying to make a go at it. Congrats to all the teams.