New Health in Space Exhibit Opens at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Visitors to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum can now view the new permanent Health in Space: Daring to Explore exhibit. Credit: Ingenium.

Health in Space: Daring to Explore is a new permanent exhibit opened last week at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum by astronaut David Saint-Jacques.

Saint-Jacques is just over two months into his six month stay aboard the International Space Station. Part of his time in space is conducting medical research.

Saint-Jacques said “the work we do on the Station is helping us better understand the human body and develop new technologies so that astronauts like me can be healthier in space and explore further.”

This new permanent exhibit will allow Canadians to understand what the Health in Space research Saint-Jacques is doing, and why it’s important.

The exhibit includes the following features:

  • videos of interviews with astronauts and their teams;
  • pictures taken from space;
  • items used for science experiments aboard the ISS; and
  • fun and educational interactive activities.

Saint-Jacques participated in the opening from high above the Earth on the International Space Station. The video of the official unveiling of the exhibit with a Q&A is below.

Look to help astronauts on deep space missions

Also on hand for the opening was former Canadian astronaut and doctor, Robert Thirsk who said “experience has taught me that whenever astronauts voyage to different places in space or perform new tasks, we can expect new healthcare concerns to arise. As humans venture further into the solar system in the coming decades, the risks of space travel will multiply. This new exhibition describes the medical consequences of space travel and explains how the research of Canadian scientists is helping to make spaceflight safer.”

Thirsk is also leading an effort for the Canadian Space Agency to look at how Canada can contribute medical know-how and technologies for future deep space missions starting with a human return to the moon.

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