Inuvik School Celebrates with David Saint-Jacques After Winning Bring Space to Your School Contest

Astronaut Jenni Sidey-Gibbons holds the microphone for a student of East Three School (elementary and secondary) in Inuvik as he asks David Saint-Jacques a question. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

This week over 700 students, teachers and members of East Three School (elementary and secondary) in Inuvik, Northwest Territories participated in a live event with astronaut David Saint-Jacques onboard the International Space Station after winning the Bring Space to Your School contest.

It was last December that the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) announced the contest for elementary and secondary schools across Canada.

Schools across Canada had to convince the CSA that their “school loves space more than any other school in Canada.”

The contest rules were;

  1. What makes your school the “spaciest” school in Canada?
  2. What is your school doing to engage students in space science, space exploration and/or David Saint-Jacques’ mission? (e.g. special projects or activities, presentations, participation in CSA mission activities)
  3. What kind of event would you organize to host a live connection between David and your school?
    (e.g. the location, the number of students and what grade(s) they are in, the duration)
  4. Would you promote your event and engage your community? How? (e.g. type of outreach, audience(s), VIP guests)

CSA astronaut Jenni Sidey-Gibbons went to the school to interact with the children and acted as the moderator.

Watch the full event.


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