David Saint-Jacques to Wear Smart Shirt to Monitor His Health

David Saint Jacques and Bio-Monitor smart shirt. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

When astronaut David Saint-Jacques launches to the International Space Station on December 3rd he’ll be wearing a new smart shirt to monitor his health.

It’s an experiment that should lead to advances in wearable health monitoring technologies for everyday use here on Earth. It’s just another example of how research in space, in particular medical research in space helps everyone.

The Canadian Space Agency describes the Bio-Monitor smart shirt as a “system designed to continuously monitor astronauts’ vital signs without interfering with their daily activities.” Bio-Monitor was built by Carré Technologies.

Bio-Monitor video:

Bio-Monitor: Canada's Smart Shirt for Space - Infographic
This infographic features an image of Bio-Monitor, a “smart shirt” to be worn by astronauts during their missions to the International Space Station. Bio-Monitor will keep a watchful eye on astronauts’ vital signs. The system will continuously record their heart and breathing rates, electrical activity of the heart, blood pressure, breathing volume, skin temperature, physical activity level and blood oxygen level, without interfering with their daily activities. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

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