NanoRacks: Providing a Commercial Pathway for Research in Low Earth Orbit – Space Quarterly Magazine Archive

NanoRacks Plate Reader

This past week the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) contracted NanoRacks as the launch services provider for the Canadian CubeSat Project. This was the first time the CSA had signed a contract with NanoRacks. With this event we thought it useful to present this interview by Eva-Jane Lark with NanoRacks co-founder Jeff Manber which first appeared in Space Quarterly Magazine in December 2012.

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Maxar Presentation on Investor Day

Maxar Technologies investor day presentation

Maxar recently held its 2018 investor days. The purpose? Sell institutional investors on why the company now known as Maxar Technologies, formed from MDA, SSL, Digitalglobe and Radiant, is a company going places.  The message, institutional investors should have a larger Maxar position in their portfolios and they should market the company to their clients.  

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