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Will NASA's Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle Ever Fly?

Yesterday NASA announced its long awaited plan to develop a Heavy Lift Vehicle (HLV) for its Space Launch System (SLS). Based on NASA’s history and most recent experience in developing the Constellation program I think it’s fair to ask the question, will NASA’s HLV ever fly?

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Nautilus-X – NASA's Multi-mission Space Exploration Vehicle Concept

Nautilus-X – NASA’s Multi-mission Space Exploration Vehicle Concept – Long-duration space journey vehicle for crew of 6 for periods of 1 -24 months – CIS-lunar would be initial Operations Zone [shakedown phase] – Exo-atmospheric, Space-only vehicle – Integrated Centrifuge for Crew Health – Life Support in deployed Large Volume with shirt-sleeve servicing – Truss & Stringer thrust-load distribution concept (non-orthogird) – Capable of utilizing variety …

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NASA Tweetup Rolls with "Wheels"

Astronaut and Expedition 25 Commander Doug “Wheels” Wheelock was the honored guest at a Tweetup held at NASA Headquarters on Mar. 16. More than 90 “Tweeps,” or users of the social medium Twitter, were on hand to see Wheelock’s presentation of his recent five-month-plus stay aboard the International Space Station.

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Remembering Apollo 1, Shuttles Challenger and Columbia's Crews

Each January NASA holds a day of remembrance to honor the crews of Apollo 1, space shuttles Challenger and Columbia who lost their lives in pursuit of not only their personal passions but the goals of a planet, for we are a species that is curious and are compelled to explore and space exploration is compelling. This year as we remember the fallen astronauts it …

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This Year @NASA 2010

For NASA, 2010 was another year of new exploration, exciting discoveries, and important milestones. From spaceflight, to science and technology; from understanding life here on Earth, to where we might find it elsewhere. From protecting our home planet, to inspiring the next generation of explorers.

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NASA Discovers Earth Life Built With Arsenic

NASA funded researchers conducting tests in Mono Lake in California have discovered the first known microorganism on Earth that are able to thrive and reproduce using the toxic chemical arsenic. This new find in the field known as Astrobiology has changed our fundamental knowledge about what comprises all known life on Earth.

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