Eric Choi

Eric Choi
Eric Choi is an aerospace engineer, writer and editor. He has worked on RADARSAT-1, Phoenix Mars Lander, Canadarm2 and MOPITT. With Derwin Mak, he co-edited the award-winning anthology The Dragon and the Stars.

The Defence and Security Applications of the RADARSAT Constellation Mission

The first RCM satellite being transferred to the TVAC chamber at the David Florida Laboratory

This fall Canada’s RADARSAT Constellation Mission, a trio of¬†synthetic aperture radar satellites, will launch 15 years after its conception. In that time there have been government imposed delays and a budget that has grown to over $1 billion. Eric Choi wrote the following article for Space Quarterly Magazine which was published in the March 2013 Canadian edition. It is still relevant today.

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