Craig Covault

Craig Covault
Craig Covault has written extensively on Asian space programs and Mars exploration. He has covered 17 Mars missions and visited major space facilities in China and Japan including the Tanegashima and Xichang launch sites, Long March and Shenzhou plants in Beijing and Shanghai and its unmanned mission control center in Xian.

China’s Surging Military Space Program – Space Quarterly Archives

A massive Chinese DFH-4 geostationary orbit communications satellite like that used by the Chinese military undergoes antenna dish tests

Continuing with our Summer Reading Series of articles or interviews that still have some relevance today, we present Craig Covault’s March 2013 article China’s Surging Military Space Program from Space Quarterly Magazine. Of note, China has completed eight launches to date this year with one failure and another satellite being placed in the incorrect orbit.  Two communications satellites, one of which is for a military use, were successfully placed …

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